Monday, October 12, 2015

McDonald's: Finding A Voice

Hi everyone!!! I've been absent for quite a long time. I just haven't had the time or motivation to write anything. Well...I have a story that must be shared and hope anyone who reads this will get something out of this situation.

So, I have been working a McDonald's for a month now. Day by day I'm getting the hang of everything and I'm bonding with my coworkers. What's the point of going to work if you can't get along with everybody, right?!!! LOL!!! I pretty much like everybody, and as far as I know they like me back (they have to since I'm ginger LOL) Anyway, my best companion, Josie, and myself were working the same hours on a Friday night. Everything was going great. The day was going by and everyone seemed to be in a great mood. However, the mood shifted somewhat when another coworker came in for her shift. I'm being myself as usual.

Now before I continue, let me tell my usual routine for work. I mostly do counter and take orders. Occasionally, I help restock and do whatever is needed to help the restaurant run smoothly. When I am on counter I randomly sing and occasionally dance... a lot!!! I work at McDonald's so I might as well make the best of it, right?!!! At least that's what I think anyway!!! Have fun, people!!! Be cool...Don't be all, like, uncool!!!

Ok, so I'm being my regular self on this Friday night and everyone is doing fine. However, this coworker (Who will not be named out of respect and I want to shade her by not naming her LOL), was being sneaky around me which I thought was odd. Why is she not being direct with me? Did I say something wrong? So me and my buddy, Josie, leave after our shift ended. After the shift we usually talk in her car and talk about the day. We're just cool like that.

We're in the car and Josie says to me, "Kyle, I need to tell you what happened".
I was like, " Huh, what happened?"
This was different than our usual talk.
Josie was telling me, "That girl was talking shit about you. She kept pestering about you like 'Why does he talk like that?', 'Why does act like that?', and she was being very judgmental toward you. And then she's like, 'Is he gay?' and I told her of course because it's pretty obvious. And she said, "Oh, well I thought he was retarded and that's the only reason they hired him'."

I was in shock!!! I have never experienced anything like this before in my life. What kind of person would make such cruel comments about someone they don't know. And there was more too. Whenever I left my area she would me a "male bitch" or "male witch" as well. What did I do to deserve this? I have done nothing but be kind to this girl. It was so hateful, but I wasn't upset. I was more disappointed in this girl's behavior, and I decided I wasn't going to take this kind of "attack" lying down. So Josie and I agreed we needed to report her sorry ass to the managers. Her actions should not be tolerated. I informed one of the managers that what I was going to do so that they're informed. So, the next morning Josie and I came in and privately talked to the head manager about what happened.  She was shocked and told us she would meet with the girl and discuss the incident (and other similar incidents as well since I wasn't the only person she talked bad about). Later in the day, my Mom came to work and surprised me. I got to talk to her for a little bit and I told her about what happened. Right after I told her, the mean girl came in for her shift. My Mom asked me if that was the girl saying things about me and I told her yes. But I also told her not to say anything to her so that a scene wasn't made. Well I should have known better, but my Mom said something to her anyway. She went up to the girl and said "Hey listen. You don't know my son! Don't talk about son! So you better watch yourself!" The girl was stunned. She was silent the remainder of time I was at work (GO MOM!!! LOVE YOU!!!)

The next day, I find out the Girl Who Will Not Be Named was fired!!! YAAAAASSSSS!!! Justice was served!!! I felt very humble and happy with the outcome. I learned that I won't let anybody get away with saying mean things or doing horrible things to me. I will never be abused or shut down!!! I HAVE A VOICE AND I WILL USE IT!!! In this experience, I really appreciated my coworkers and family in this situation. They all had my back in regards to this incident. The support was very overwhelming. The love and support reminded me that I am wanted and people do care for me!!! Oh who am I kidding!!! They Love me!!! You really Love me!!! LOL. I hope that with me sharing this this will help give people a voice. YOU CAN SPEAK UP AND YOU WILL BE HEARD!!! DON'T LET ANYBODY STAND IN YOUR WAY AND TAKE YOUR HAPPINESS AWAY!!! YOUR VOICE MATTERS!!! THERE'S A REASON THAT KARMA COMES BACK AROUND TO THOSE WHO WISH TO HURT OTHERS!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week...month...and rest of the year!!! Don't know when I'll write again, but stay tuned!!! LOL

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Double Love!!! <3 <3

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 Premiere

And I'm back!!! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Things regarding Atlanta and Beverly Hills have been really nasty and really rude so...I'll have to get back to you on those when I'm in a better state of mind.
However I will talk about the Melbourne ladies!!! The ladies of Australia have taken the world by storm since they debuted last year. So let's get going!!!
The episode starts out with a new intro. Notably absent was Andrea Moss and thank the Lord for that!!! She was so nasty and so rude and most importantly she was really mean to Gina (the Lisa Vanderpump/Nene Leakes of the show). Although there are two new Housewives: Gamble and Pettifleur. I have a feeling they'll be making noise this season, but time will tell.
In the 1st scene we catch up with OG Housewives: Chyka, Jackie, and Lydia. They are having a late lunch catching up with one another, Although their conversation leads to sex and they make their waiter very uncomfortable. That poor waiter!!!
Next we see Janet planning a birthday party with her "boy toy". Right off the bat I'm disappointed in Janet. She seems off for some reason. She isn't put together like she usually is, and I already know she's going to cause problems this season. Anyway, as she's planning her birthday she is deciding whether to invite Gina or not. Last season, most of the women had issues with Gina...which is due to jealously in my opinion. So, Janet calls Gina to see if she wants to come to the party. Gina ends up accepting the invitation.
In the next scene we catch up with one of the best Housewives ever: GINA LIANO!!! She continues her fabulousness from last season. It turns out Gina is back in a relationship with the man she was seeing long distance in Miami. She even revealed she may move to Miami to be with him!!! I WAS IN SHOCK PEOPLE!!! THIS WOMAN IS THE SHOW!!! I DON'T WANT HER TO LEAVE!!! However, I'm happy for Gina. She deserves all the love and success she gets. Team Gina no matter what!!! Also...SHE FOLLOWS ME TWITTR!!! Follow me @KyleOzz333 lol ;)
In another scene Lydia and Gina share a car ride to Janet's was awkward!!! Although Lydia did apologize to Gina for last season. I'm glad she did because she was really mean to Gina...oh and very wrong!!! LOL Let's see how long their peace treaty last.
The episode continues with Janet getting her birthday ready. On the day of the party, Janet still needed a cake!!! I was like...ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! How do you not get your birthday cake made BEFORE your birthday party. It just blew my mind people!!! LOL
No matter for Janet got everything together for her party and it was spectacular!!! All the Housewives were in attendance...including the new ones!!! We are first introduced to Gamble. She's really energetic and blonde!!! My favorite thing she said in her introduction was "It's important to be silly, not stupid". I know I'm going to like her because she's allying herself with Gina and boy does that make me happy!!! Gina finally has someone on her side!!! Although I swear Gamble...Not to be mean or judgmental but...she's a lesbian but she doesn't know it yet. LOL Nah in all seriousness she may get raised eyebrows from people with how she speaks about women. I'll let you decide for yourself (I'm thinking lesbian...join the club guuurrrrlll!!!) LOL
We are then introduced to Pettifleur and...she's interesting. She might be this season's Andrea, but time will tell. I can't wait to see who she'll butt heads with first.
The most touching moment of the episode for me was when Janet's youngest son came to her birthday party. For those of you who don't know Janet's youngest son was in a fire a few years ago and 90% of his body was burned. Thankfully, he's been recovering very well. Janet states he's beginning to go out more, but she wasn't sure if he would make it. When Janet saw her son, I teared up...a lot!!! Hahaha but it was such a sweet moment. Janet hugged her son and introduced him to the Housewives. Then, in another tear worthy moment Janet cried in Chyka's arms because she was happy her son was with her in this big moment in her life. I really need to have tissues with me while watching these shows!!! LOL The birthday went without a hitch for Janet!!! Good for her (although there were some snide remarks toward Gina but nothing too bad...yet)
Next week episode looks to be interesting as Janet and Chyka reveal gossip about newbie, Gamble. That's right!!! You heard me right!!! Chyka gets gossipy and it's sad. Let's see if these newbies can handle the drama that is...MELBOURNE!!! Make sure to follow me on Twitter @KyleOzz333 and Instagram: KyleO333
                  Gamble         Janet         Jackie         Chyka         Lydia         Gina             Pettifleur

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#RHOA 12 and #RHOBH 11

Hello!!! I'm back from my Ginger hiatus!!! Truthfully, I just haven't felt the need to blog until now. Sometimes you need a break, you know what I'm saying? LOL
So let's start with the ladies of Atlanta. The women returned from Puerto Rico. Nene relays her experience on the trip to Greg, her hubby. Of course, he believes every word she says. I'm surprised she would even try to justify her "clit" comment to Claudia. It was horrible and NNNNNAAAAAASSSSSSTTTTYYY!!! Don't say that stiff like that, Nene!!! You go in the corner!!! LOL
Next we see Kandi and Todd together talking about the girls getting along. And then the world was shocked to learn that...Riley...Kandi's daughter...WAS ELEVEN YEARS OLD!!! Seriously!!! People were so shocked that it had to trend on Twitter "Riley is 11". Some people are just tall for their age and I would know...OOOKKKAAYYY!!! LOL Also, Kandi and Todd definitely wanted a baby boy at some point. I wish them luck.
On Phaedra's end, she discovers Apollo's date to start serving prison. She's a tough cookie. It really struck me when she said, "It's hard to see the rainbow when you're sitting in the storm". I don't know. It was touching and somewhat haunting the way she said it. I wish Phaedra and her children all the best. Speaking of the kids, we were due for another awkward scene with Apollo. I just feel so bad for those kids. :(
Next we have Team Beauty (Cynthia, Kenya, and Claudia) going to Charlotte to Peter's new bar. Peter should leave the business world in my opinion. His businesses seem to go to ruin after a year or so. LOL
So women are having a good time...even twirling to Kenya's dance hit "Gone With The Wind Fabulous". Yes I like her song now leave me alone!!! LOL
The shocking moment arrives when...Kordell appears!!! WWWHHHHHAAATTTT!!! Can't he just go away!!! Go away Kordell!!!
And then...Kordell and Claudia begin to flirt. Oh nooooo!!! Stay away from him Claudia!!! That boy's a monster (Lady GaGa "Monster" song reference)!!!
Next week we see Porsha and Claudia collide!!! Who will win? Who will throw down? Who reveal Mama Joyce's real identity? LOL JK
P.S Cynthia burned her friend contract from Nene...Girl bye!!
Now Beverly Hills...Brandi and Kyle (not me) got PHYSICAL!!! Truthfully, Kyle shouldn't have grabbed Kyle in the first place, but at the same time Brandi shouldn't have blocked Kyle from talking to Kim. The argument continued outside where Vince (Eileen's hubby) appears behind the garage watching the argument go was hilarious!!! He gets the MVP award this week.
We see Yolanda spending time with her son who we might have seen one other time during Yolanda's entire time on Housewives (LOL), but it was a nice scene. We see Lisa V adopt yet another dog...NO MORE DOGS LISA!!! 7 is insane!!! But at least she can afford it, right? Also we later see her spend time with Eileen. Did I mention how awesome Eileen is? She's just amazing. I can't get over it people!!!
We see Kyle talking to Mauricio about the poker from Hell. Next she tells him how Kim is in the hospital and it may be about her ulcer. My thinking was...BITCH WHY ARE YOU NOT AT THE HOSPITAL TENDING TO YOUR SISTER!!! Don't talk to your husband about not knowing what's going on...FIND OUT!!! OMG I swear I blew a Ginger gasket!!! I just feel so bad for Kim. She's going through a lot with Monty having the cancer and her still dealing with her sobriety.
Most of the ladies then attend Lisa R's charity event and Kyle plans a gay mixer (it is Bravo after all LOL) It was hilarious when Lisa R was trying to figure out what a "top" or "bottom" was. It was hilarious!!!
Next week, Brandi gets into it with Kyle yet again and Kyle tells Kim "F*** you"!!! Tune in next week to see why Kyle is a horrible sister!!!
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Cynthia Bailey from RHOA is pictured below :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 9/Beverly Hills Episode 8-Nastiness

Hi everybody!!! I've been on holiday hiatus which is why I haven't commented on any Housewives' episodes as of late. And too be honest, Atlanta and Beverly Hills have been really boring...until now.
On Atlanta we were recently introduced to the Friends of the Housewives, Demetria McKinney. I don't know how I feel about her. She says she's been in an on/off relationship with Roger Bobb for  years so...she's a sidechick. LOL She seems really sweet, but who knows. Kandi hosts an event to get all the girls together and that always works out right? WRONG!!! Shade was thrown all over the place. Especially when Nene cold shouldered Cynthia, Kenya, and Claudia. Nene clearly needs to get over herself and rise above the drama...but she never will. #SoNastyAndSoRude
This episode was mainly about Demetria and her relationship with Roger. A woman at the event (one of Kandi's friends) out the blue says she dated Roger Bobb...OH SNAP!!! Who hasn't been with Roger Bobb? What's Roger Bobb's feelings of being represented on the show? Honestly...who cares!!! LOL
However next week is to be very exciting since Nene and Claudia clash (Finally) and Demetria takes on the Southern Belle, Phaedra!!! Bam!!! Bloop!!!
Now onto Beverly Hills...what a crapfest!!! And by crapfest I mean Brandi Glanville!!!
I admit she stole the whole episode but not in a good way!!! She acted like trash!!! She threw wine in Eileen's face and she disrespected Yolanda's guest, BabyFace. Just ugh!!! Get her off the show!!! However, things are picking up so we'll see what happens next. Until then... here's a pic of Demetria :)
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 3 and Beverly Hills Episode 2

Another week has gone by!!! Since it's very near the holidays is right around the corner I'll keep it real short. Nene catches up on the drama with Porsha. We are fully introduced to the newest housewife, Claudia. She's going to be quite a vixen in my opinion. Kenya is trying to figure out how to forgive the girls for the abuse she has gone through the past 2 years (good luck with that). Kandi is trying to blend the family at home...even expand!!! Oh Snap!!! Phaedra finds out from Kandi that Apollo lied about the whole Kenya/LA situation which drives her nuts!!! Finally, the new and improved Cynthia is turnt up on Porsha and kinda wants to destroy her. LOL The final part of the episode is of Cynthia and Porsha arguing and throwing shade at one another. Cynthia has since faced a lot of criticism for her behavior. However, I LOVED it!!! Keep bringing the drama I say!!! LOL :)
On Beverly Hills, we see some of the bonding in this weeks episode. Kyle went on a trip with her family so she was out of the action...for now. We see Lisa V. hang out with Shiva (Muhamed's fiancĂ©e and rumored Housewife at the time). Lisa V. is still feeling the burn from the "gang up" she faced from the women so it makes since she hangs with other people. Oh, and she doesn't want to be friends with Brandi. I kind of find that to be obvious since it's clearly Brandi who slaps Lisa...DUH!!!
We see Lisa R. looking at some business opportunities see can take advantage of. She's a hustler I'll give her that. We also see Yolanda get her sexy back with her husband, David Foster...which was cute. Kim Richards gets the MVP award this week for bonding with Brandi and Yolanda. I'm glad she's getting her groove back. Yolanda rides horses with Kim and Kim and Brandi wear disguises to spy on Brandi's ex. J.R. When they were hiding, I just laughed out loud. It was hysterical. However, the big conclusion to the episode is when Brandi had a sit down with former Housewife, Adrienne. Pretty much they forgave each other....which is about time!!! It should of happened 2 years ago!!!
Next week we'll be introduced to the 7th Housewife, Eileen Davidson!!! Stayed tuned!!!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 2 and Beverly Hills Premiere

Another week!!! Another Housewives!!!
The second episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta continued the turmoil of Apollo's life. Why is he not spending time with his family?!!! No wonder he's going back to prison!!! Everything isn't all about you Apollo!!! Peace out dude!!!
Well that's my rant about him for now. Nene Leakes continued her freaky Zumanity adventures in Las Vegas. Um...congratulations? LOL Honestly I could care less what Nene Leakes is doing right now. She needs to go back to Atlanta (which apparently she will next week).
Kandi claims that things are better between Mama Joyce and Todd...NO!!! Mama Joyce needs to get her Darth Vader self together and make peace with her daughter's husband, but oh well. Kandi also bought her mama a home...could she buy me one too? LOL
We then go to Cynthia's event which celebrates her Ebony Magazine spread and good for her. However, I didn't expect any less from her since she's a timeless model. Work it, Cynthia!!! Anyway at her event we see the arrival of Kandi, Todd, Kenya, and the newest Housewife, Claudia Jordan!!! Yay!!! I am really looking forward to the drama that Claudia brings. She better not hold back!!! She may be Nene's kryptonite...but we'll wait and see.
However, the big closing to the episode is when Apollo arrives to the party and wants to talk with Kenya...Say whhhhhaaaaaaaattttt!!! What the French Hooker is going to happen?!!! Turns out... Apollo admits to lying about seeing Kenya in Los Angeles!!! Whhhhhhaaaaaatttt!! Truthfully... I already figured Apollo was lying about that whole shit storm. Kenya may be a crazy amazon, but she's not a whore (contrary to the belief of Phaedra). Once Apollo admits the lie, Kenya becomes vindicated and everyone who believed Apollo at first about his lie becomes pissed off (especially Kandi).
We'll have to see how this revelation plays out next week with Phaedra and... Cynthia and Porsha have a confrontation (Finally some REAL DRAMA!!!).
Now, let's talk about the premiere of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!!
The women are somewhat at odds...well actually it seems Brandi is at odds with everyone since she's been busy filming for the Celebrity Apprentice (who she'll be competing with Atlanta Housewife, Kenya Moore as well).
The majority of the episode centers around Kyle's White Party. I'm glad this happened actually considering last season was bit flat.
Before the actual party, we are introduced to one of the two new Housewives, Lisa Rinna. She'll be interesting this season since we know for sure that she gets physical with Kim at some point. She definite fits in the group as she friends with everyone for the most part.
Sadly, we won't see Eileen Davidson until Episode 3 since she signed on to the show late.
Anyway, we're at the White Party and the most magical thing happened!!! Adrienne!!! Camille!!! Taylor!!! All the original Housewives came together for the White Party!!! This marks the FIRST time in Housewives history where all the Original Housewives make appearance in the 5th Season. No Housewives has ever done that. Orange County almost matched this feat but their original line-up came together in the 4th Season (No kind of reunion since). All the ladies seemed very happy to be around one another. They'll forever be bonded in my opinion. The party was going well until Brandi came. She was very uncomfortable. Now if she was uncomfortable then LEAVE THE PARTY!!! However, Brandi came to the party with reason...have a talk with Adrienne. Brandi and Adrienne agree to have a sit down to discuss their issues (which was so 2 years ago).
Next week we see their sit down and Kim is wearing disguises? Whhaaattt!!! We'll have to wait and see!!! Until next week!!!
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Real Housewives: Atlanta Season 7 Premiere, and New Jersey's Farewell

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk!!!
No personal business this time around except...REAL HOUSEWIVES!!!
November 9th saw the return of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The season premiere marked the official demotion of Porsha Williams as she wasn't holding a peach in the opening credits (Claudia Jordan will take her place once she appears later in the season).
The episode starts light with Nene landing a gig for Zumanity. I guess it's some kind of sexual performance kind of show. Anyway, it should work out for Nene since she was a former stripper.
The atmosphere quickly changes when it gets to scenes with Apollo and Phaedra. Apollo is pretty much facing the same charges he committed when he was first incarcerated. Such a smart fella, right? Hell nooooo!!! In the meantime, Phaedra is nowhere near her soon-to-be ex-husband. She isn't even at home. She moved herself and two kids to a suite to get away from the media frenzy. Now if I had a vagina and little children I would do the same thing. My only criticism of Phaedra is actually not going to Apollo's sentencing. I mean you guys are married, right? Support your man (even if he is an idiot).
We are then introduced to the newly married, Kandi. Nothing really happens except that it is established Todd and Kandi have different versions of parenting...WHO DOESN'T!!! LOL Sadly, there was no Mama Joyce in this episode...we'll have to wait for her madness next week.
Next we see Cynthia visiting Kenya. Kenya is still upset over the media frenzy over her beatdown against Porsha (or weave attack...whatevs). Anyways, Cynthia is now supporting Kenya more than ever now that her head is out of Nene's ass ( just saying). Cynthia also takes a jab at Nene regarding her history as a stripper. It's going to be interesting seeing how this new and improved Cynthia will play out this season...oh and Cynthia's still married to Peter!!! LOL
At the conclusion of the episode, Apollo and Phaedra have a heated exchange and ends with Apollo wanting a divorce. Another couple faces the Housewives Curse!!!
It was quite a premiere, but I would have liked to meet the newest Housewife, Claudia, and I really would have liked it if Apollo would remain mute, but we all know that's not going to happen...
Speaking of people not remaining mute...on Tuesday we saw the conclusion of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.
The men were still arguing...wait I'm sorry...Jim was still arguing with everybody. Can't this guy get a muzzle?!!! Amber, take care of him!!! Oh nevermind, she's too preoccupied discussing "The Cancer".
The reunion this season was really lame. The drama wasn't as big like it was in the past..such a shame. In my opinion, it was all Dina's fault. she added nothing to the show!!! She even admitted that she regretted ever coming back to the show because of all the drama...REALLY BITCH?!!! This isn't The Golden Girls, OK?!!! By the way...Team Bring Back Jacqueline All The Way!!!  LOL
The big climax of the reunion was when the Rino/Mother-In-Law gossip was mentioned...which was boring!!! We're beating a dead horse people!!!
However, after all the madness, the realness of Teresa's situation was sinking in. Teresa apologized to fans for letting them down. She stated that this reunion will likely be her last. It became really emotional as host, Andy Cohen, started to get teary eyed. The reunion ends with the cameras closing in on Andy holding Teresa's hand and wishing her the best. I even got emotional at that scene. However, Teresa committed a crime and she'll have to pay for it when January comes around. By the way, Teresa might not even serve all 15 months in prison. Anyone ever heard of Good Behavior?!!! Duuuhhh!!! I wish Teresa the best and please keep her four daughters in your thoughts as they go through this tough time.
That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed my return to the internet and you can expect me again...NEXT WEEK!!! LOL :)
Anyway, if you want to keep up with what I'm up to I'm on Twitter @KyleOzz333 and Instagram: KyleO333. See you later!!! Double Love!!! <3 <3